Tiles are one of the most popular surface coverings for any project. Whether going with stone or clay based products, the array of variation, colours, textures and formats is baffling. At Elements Tile & Stone, we have streamlined the confusion in offering some of the hottest items on the market today. With stone, Elements Tile and Stone imports and showcases plenty of options for flooring, walls and whatever needs covering. We work very close with the quarries and factories overseas to give consistency in product and quality. Prior to all shipments, our in-house staff in each export location inspects our containers for further insurance that all items meet the high expectation of Australia's end users. In clay products, our selection of porcelain and ceramics is bar none some of the finest options anywhere. With offerings from some of the world's finest producers, you are assured that you will be picking from the latest trends without fear of designing with yesterdays fashion.