The Metropolis designer collection uses hand cut Karma glass, assembled in a repetitive, irregular module.
The module is characterized by incorporating different sized tiles of the same or contrasting shades or even different tones.

This collection is characterized by a transparent material, cut by hand, which creates a luminous surface that enriches internal and external environments.
The unmistakable pattern of METROPOLIS mosaic, which alternates smooth and corrugated tesserae to create chrome and iridescent textures, is enhanced by new designer shades. 
These range from Noir to colors that turn from yellow to brown, with Honey, Bronzite, and Amber, through the grey scale, the color palette is extended from the opalescent glow of Pearl, to the glamour of Diamond, Onyx and Buxy.

As an interpretation of Karma glass, METROPOLIS is predominantly a wall covering material, that can be used indoors and outdoors. As an artisan product, it has some slight irregularities and must be laid with care and should be grouted with a full flight. In wet areas, such as showers, baths and swimming pools, epoxy adhesive and grout are recommended.