KARMA was inspired by the windows of Gothic cathedrals, recreating the elegant colours and an illuminating effect of remarkable intensity. 
The unevenness of colour is a peculiarity of the product, which helps to create a pleasantly irregular and flamed finished effect.
 Karma is prized for its uniqueness and the special 2 x 4 cm format allows compositions with joints either aligned or staggered.

This drawn glass, transparent mosaic is obtained by processing a glass plate, which is then hand cut to size by artisans. After forming, the plates are subjected to an annealing process, with a silver metallic finish applied to the reverse, for distinctive radiant reflections.

KARMA is used predominantly as a wall coating material, although it can be laid on floors in the 2 x 2 cm format, for low/medium traffic applications. 
Since this is a handmade product, Karma has some natural undulations, so it must be laid with the joints well filled. These tesserae are also suitable for use as inserts on water-cut agglomerates. 
In wet areas, such as showers, baths or swimming pools, epoxy plaster and glue are recommended.