Natural Stone Walling Options
Covering unsightly ordinary walls with natural stone is one of the most rewarding mediums available.  Natural stone is not only beautiful, but will withstand the test of time and require zero maintenance unlike paint and withstand the test of time unlike wallpaper.  Stone cladding is perfect for retaining walls, fit-outs, fireplaces, alfresco areas, water features, garden surrounds and or just all your home walling.
When selecting a natural stone walling option, Elements Tile and Stone Pty Ltd AU features 3-syestems to choose from; dry stone, z-bars and stackstone.
Dry Stone
The natural dry stone systems from Elements Tile and Stone Pty Ltd AU offer the most authentic styled stone cladding options. Traditional dry stone is full sized rocks stacked dry to create walls and stunning displays of stone masonry. Our modern take, eliminates the weights and complexity with the same aesthetic results. Each stone is cut thin for direct glueing onto substrate. Additionally the pre-cut backs allows ease of install as depths don't have to be adjusted onsite.
Offering our most popular Dry Stone options in easy to install panels.  The Z-bars feature natural random format stone held together with a concrete backing.  Each panel measures 600x200.  The shape of the panels are in Z shape.  By having an irregular shape, this allows installation without outside viewers to detect that the material is pre-set instead of inter-woven on site.
If your wanting a three-dimensional look of dry stone without the cost or labour, look no further. Our stackstone is a natural stone cladding system which is ideal for exterior feature walls, pool surrounds, courtyards and entertainment areas. Equally suited for interior use, these stacked stone panels are also perfect for natural stone fireplaces or the creation of water features, especially when illuminated to highlight the color variations. Our stackstone comes in a modular form, they are quick and easy to install on most structurally sound surfaces.stackstone is an affordable stone walling system offering precision cut strips of stone glued together on 600x150mm panels.  Panels are thin and easily glued to walls for stunning features. 

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